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Rather than labelling and diagnosing each problem, I interpret psychological difficulties as an attempt to make the best possible adjustment to an earlier or present unhealthy environment or unpleasant experience. Each individual requires a unique approach that will assist them in the pursuit of a more balanced and fulfilling life.

As a counsellor I'm motivated by a strong compassion for people and a desire to assist in alleviating suffering through raising one’s awareness, developing one’s individuality and uniqueness, encouraging self-expression and generating compassion for our own self (in the first place), which will then naturally lead to more compassion for others. I believe that only what we are able to accept and understand within ourself, can we have compassion for in another.


Many people contact me saying that their problems are quite trivial and that they are unsure if they are important enough to see a counsellor for. Problems don't need to be big to come for a session. Just like with weeds, small problems can grow bigger if we don't pull them out. So coming to see me can be like weeding. I think that all human beings would benefit from doing some weeding from time to time. It makes life more pleasant and relaxed when we can walk around more freely, without having to crawl over thistels and thorns all the time. 

However if you are facing overwhelming emotions, or don't know why you react the way you do in certain situations, or have certain emotional states come over you that you have no control over and scare you, then this is also the place to explore them.


I have completed extensive training in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, body-psychotherapy, expressive therapies, mindfulness, meditation and relaxation in Australia, the UK, the US and India. I have also conducted research on the emotional and mental effects related to acting and role play. This wide range of study on the interrelationship of body, mind and spirit allows me to address peoples' difficulties using a variety of approaches, all with a humanistic foundation. 

MA in TCM and Acupunture at the Universidad Europea del Atlantico in Barcelona. MA Counselling and Psychotherapy, Dip Hypnotherapy, Cert Body focused Awareness & Cortical Field Reeducation, Cert Holistic Circus Therapy, MA Film Directing, BA Fine Art and a range of certificates in short courses in all the above mentioned. 

Fees and Policy

Sessions go for 50 minutes. Fees depend upon your country of residence. For UK and Ireland it is 90£ per session for psychotherapy and 70£ for acupuncture and TCM.

​I offer counselling in English, Dutch and Spanish. Contact me for more information.

Cancellations are requested to be made 24h in advance or they incur a 30£ cancellation fee. No shows incur the full fee.

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