About Me

I work as a psychotherapist and hold classes, courses and retreats focused on raising emotional awareness and increasing our understanding of the complexities of our human behaviour. I believe that a greater insight into our own inner conflicts will naturally lead to more compassion and care, for others and ourselves, and will provide us with more ease and fulfilment in our lives.

In a broader sense I am interested in overcoming the challenge of being able to live alongside each other on this planet in ways that honour and acknowledge our differences, as we simultaneously develop resilience and strength. A strength that comes from a place of deep ease and non-defensiveness, and therefore is effortless. I want to assist in instigating shifts that reflect an overall sense of interconnectedness, contentment and enthusiasm for life.


I also practice and teach meditation focused on exploring the body with our awareness. This type of meditation could be best classified as somatic meditation, which can be translated into ‘meditating with the body’. Its aim is to generate a certain groundedness in our bodies because most of us live in a state of great disembodiment, separateness and routinely mechanical ways of experiencing ourselves. Our ungroundedness creates anxiety, a racing mind and an addiction to distractions that take us even further away from ourselves.

I integrate meditative awareness into my counselling work, my workshops and retreats, because besides the absolute necessity to develop the muscle of attention, I believe awareness provides space.

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The development of awareness allows us to be present to life and with more presence comes an increased ability to feel. We can better feel into the pushed away unpleasant content, but also, and eventually, feel more enjoyment and aliveness as well. We need presence in order to feel fulfilment.


I make no separation between spirituality and life itself, to be human is to be spiritual, hence my classes and retreats are secular but mystical at the same time. Their foundation is a mix of Western and Eastern philosophy and humanistic psychology with a deep regard for nature and natural processes.



I first pursued studies in fashion design because of a fascination with identity and how we present ourselves to the world and seek belonging in different styles of clothing that all carry certain culture and ideology within them. Realising that this path didn’t give me enough food for thought I acquired a Masters Degree in Film-Directing. Working with actors, stories and role-play temporarily satisfied my desire to study relational dynamics, how emotions are generated and changed and how they are reflected in body language.

My interest in the complexities of our human existence and a desire to alleviate suffering, urged me to continue studying. I studied hypnotherapy in the UK and obtained a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy in Australia.

I started practicing meditation at a very young age and have continued throughout my life exploring different forms and philosophies of meditation. I spent many months in Asia and India learning about the interrelation of body-mind and spirit.